Monday, April 27, 2015


The Hoovervettes at Hearst Castle- March 21, 2015
“How many steps are on that tour?” was the first indicator that we were no longer 16 years old, but other than that…we were ready for any adventure. Nine of us (most from northern California – two socal gals) met in Cayucos, along the central California coast, for three days of memories, meals and moments of hilarity and friendship.
About twenty of us still maintain a primarily “virtual” friendship via Facebook and email that has lasted since high school days at Hoover High School in Glendale, California – class of 1956. I dragged along our senior class Scroll/yearbook and all of us dragged along an assortment of recollections and anecdotes that frequently led to the statement, “I don’t remember that!” Long term memory loss was minimal and resulted in detailed descriptions of a past event by another member of the group or a Google search on a former student. Scandals were modest compared to today’s campus stories (or we were still just too modest to tell them).
Several of the northern Cal contingent stay in closer contact through the support of geography, but we all share a common theme of having been together through a significantly powerful time of our lives. After graduation we went to college, got married, had children, got divorced (about half of us) and had various careers…were homemakers and absorbed a variety of traumatic illnesses, accidents, losses and loves. All the normal stuff. The special bond that keeps us pals is treasured by all of us, difficult to define, but precious and appreciated.
Left to right: Lois (she had good knees and thighs) Sue, Margo, Betty, Evvie, CZ and CindyJeanette and Barb were roaming the castle searching for the wine cellar with 10,000 bottles of vino.

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