Tuesday, June 9, 2020


In Memory and Celebration of Kenneth Long Maloney

October 1, 1945-April 30, 2020

Ken Maloney wandered into my life while sitting on the beach at Fisherman’s Cove, in Laguna Beach, during spring break in April 1974. It was an “instant” attraction over an orange. That encounter resulted in a passionate and intense affair that lasted until 1978 when a disagreement about marriage resulted in a parting of the ways. (short version-he married and had three wonderful offspring-I entered an exciting era of new work and a variety of non-marital adventures!)

Twenty-five years later an unexpected (and not necessarily welcome) phone call resulted in a problematic encounter over coffee at Jean Paul’s which resulted in another intense, and passionate, affair that lasted until his passing on April 30th. He was the exemplary warrior who fought stage 4 cancer for over six years. Ken took delight and pleasure in his two new young grandsons as well as the accomplishments of his children.

Ken graduated from Wilkes College with a BS in Chemistry, and took a PhD in Fuel Science at Penn State University. He did post- doctoral research at Princeton University and Drexel University, and held several patents during his career which took him to China and other areas for major projects and consulting. He was an expert in his field.

He was my travel mate, champion, companion and partner. He was loving and supportive and “Had my back,” when things got tough. He was stubborn and somewhat resistant to change unless it involved a trip to Hawaii. When he was quiet (which was often) I quickly discovered that he was either solving differential equations or pondering the meaning of life. He understood that I would take advice (if I asked for it), but that I expected him to take mine, whether asked for or not!

I miss him and keep expecting him to walk through the door on Friday evenings. I talk to him all the time, but realize all too often, that he is peacefully contemplating rainbows over the islands of Hawaii.

Aloha, Keneke.

Carole/Kalola ( Your Forever Fiance)

Egyptian Fantasy Fulfilled


Carole on the Giza Plateau

Carole on the Giza Plateau

Shopping with the Girls

Cairo - Queen of the Desert at Queen Hatsheput's Palace

Meeting Young Women at the Library in Alexandria

At Nefertari's Tomb in the Valley of the Queens

Ancient Papyrus of Nefertari and Isis

Mr. Charming at Edfu Temple

Carole and her new son Mohamed

With the Girls at the Nubian Museum in Aswan

At the Sphinx

In the Agatha Christie Suite in Allexandria

At the Great Pyramid

Cailey Grams and Lexi in Egypt

Thursday, February 2, 2017




One hundred men and women (actually 90 women and ten men) traveled in two buses from Laguna Beach to participate in what turned out to be an historic Women's March LA. Arriving in buses arranged through Hoffy Tours, a local tour company owned by Bill Hoffman, the group arrived at Pershing Square at 9 am and quickly became part of an energized mass of over 500,000 plus marchers,

Despite the bottleneck in the square, the group made their way to City Hall and back participating in a festive display of signs, chants, costumes, speakers and entertainers. There were so many marchers, in fact, that the Laguna group didn't get to hear many of the speakers. But it didn't seem to matter. The true energy came from the spontaneous display of solidarity, enthusiasm and common purpose.

Farie Momayez, PhD, commented: "The LA March was massive. The estimate was 750,000. We left Laguna around 7:30am and got to LA before 9:00am. We got caught in a crowd that didn't move(couldn't because of the numbers.) We didn't hear any of the speeches, and didn't see any celebrities, but my personal and collective experience was priceless. I felt a surge of incredible energy and vigor that I had lost after the outcome of the election. I even had a talk with a Trump supporter who had come to fight, but we ended up hugging! That is enough for me to go on and continue the needed work."

Some of the group had always been active in the 70s, but many were first time "activists" who felt, "If not now...when!" Members of the group are currently exchanging information to form a local group to maintain the momentum through phone calls, texting, post cards and other activities to ensure accountability and the preservation of women's and human rights.

Yolanda Mendiveles shared the following: "Everyone there was peaceful and friendly, and there was a lightness and exuberant mood in the air. There was a small group of people playing samba drums, and I saw a group of people dressed in Aztec attire as well as other costumes. I saw Rob Reiner, Anjelica Houston and Maria Shriver in the crowd alongside of us. It felt good to be part of a movement to stand up for human rights of all kinds. To tolerate our differences with respect to honor each individual's journey."

Bill stated, "I don't think we'll ever forget that incredible March on Saturday. Beautiful weather, positive energy, creative and nice people, wonderful signs, and most of all...standing up for respect and dignity for all. The crowds were tremendous and, at time, slow moving, but I think we were all moved beyond words."

#LosAngeleswomensmarch #womensmarch #lagunamarchers

Friday, November 27, 2015



Carole Zavala and Linda Mc Innis are happy to welcome you to their first Holiday Boutique

Join us on Sunday, December 6, 2015- from 1-4 pm in Laguna Beach, CA

For Address and Directions please send an RSVP email to czavala831@gmail.com

Credit Cards Welcome - Great prices on jewelry, cards, "pocket" paintings, ornaments and collectibles

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Strolling in the AvantGarden

 Strolling in the Avant Garden…Gallery Nights in the Santa Ana Arts District

There’s nothing like a new adventure to take your mind off the daily routine. Leah Shapi, a vibrant and enthusiastic artist in my Friday Art Salon, invited me to consider showing my work at this gallery in the beautiful and historic Santora Building in downtown Santa Ana.
I took a selection of abstract acrylics, along with a few pals, to check out the gallery and to see if it would be a good venue for my work.
The vibe is refreshingly different from the Laguna art scene. First Saturday Art Walk nights are alive with music, a younger and more “hip” energy, edgy and diverse art and several terrific restaurants along the promenade that is closed to cars! What a concept, right?
The gallery has been there for more than 15 years and is part of the Orange County Fine Arts Association which also has the Artists Eye (in Laguna Beach) and the Showcase Gallery in the South Coast Village area. It’s open on Fridays from 6-10 pm, Saturdays from 2-10 pm and Sundays from 2-6 pm.
Let me know if you are coming to visit. I have a wide selection of small/reasonably priced paintings and cards and a few larger acrylic abstracts. A small selection of unframed watercolors and special order giclees are on view as well.
Come and stroll along with me in the AvantGarden....and enjoy the great food and drinks at Lola Gaspar!

Thursday, May 21, 2015



Sereena Hoso is a fearless young reporter at the age of 12. She's a sixth grader at Thurston Middle School in Laguna Beach and needed an "elder" to interview for a time-honored tradition at her school. I got the call as her granny lives in Los Angeles and wasn't readily available for the interview and the project. We are now best friends, and if I truly ever need a biographer, she'll be my choice.

Smart, funny, articulate and beautiful, we had several in person sessions as well as a few on the telephone and via email. The culmination project was in the school's gym. I had expected an intimate, lunch hour event with several of her classmates as they shared information they had learned about their interviewee.
I was shocked to enter the gym, along with about 600 other people (parents, kids, teachers and those who were the topic of the biographies) amidst long tables decorated with flowers and walls filled with posters filled with photographs and other memorabilia about our lives.
Each student gave a quick overview of their interviewee, thanked their parents for their support and then asked us each to rise to be acknowledged. I later learned that they held this luncheon four times to allow every sixth grader the chance to be "on stage." It was an astonishing feat of coordination, timing and what must have been exhausting work on the part of the staff at Thurston.
Her lovely mother, younger sister and two adorable younger brothers, missed her speech. She was one of the first and her mom was trying to find parking which was a formidable task that day.
The questions were fairly typical for a biographer: "What was your childhood like?," "How was school different from now," "What were some of the most important moments that changed your life?"
It was a memorable experience for me as I shared stories about what had influenced major decisions in my life, how I had made career and lifestyle changes, the challenges of being a student, a mother, then a teacher and principal, and ultimately making a major career change at 40.
We discovered that we both loved dance, theatre, literature, the arts and writing. I hope to know her more as she grows up and pursues her dreams.
In her own words: "Sereena Mahmoud Mohammed Hoso was born in Long Beach, California on February 19, 2003. The spark that made Sereena love writing is she had the passion to make her stories shine. Her future plans or goals are to get into a great college and her doctors degree. When she was in 4th grade, she got an award of the class peacemaker (AKA The Dove). Sereena is an amazing author...and she is very happy about what she is doing."
Wouldn't you just love to interview her?

Monday, May 18, 2015




Artists over the age of 55 are now referred to as “Seasoned Citizens” at the Senior Center in Laguna Beach. I can’t help but think of being brined, marinated or dipped in egg, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese! Each spring the center hosts a 55+ show featuring the work of senior-now seasoned- artists. This year’s theme was “Is it Only a Paper Moon?” requesting works made of /or on paper. The results were fascinating.
I’ve done enough watercolors, collages and mixed media pieces to wallpaper my 1500 ft apartment so decided to try something new. Well, not really new…but somewhat. I borrowed a friend’s dress form and whipped up a gown from items purchased at Michael’s craft store…or my cupboard.
I also enlisted the skills and kinetic energy of my “baby” brother, James/Shamus Koch (subject of the documentary also found on this website). Shamus ( he’s referring to his Celtic roots and yearnings) had been welding rebar mini trees and took on the challenge of a life-sized tree that would hold paper moons with prayers/affirmations and wishes on the branches. Voila…his creation became the centerpiece of the show. Along with a lovely welded/glass topped table (that sold immediately) set of astroturf. He hand colored and cut out the moons during a TV basketball game. What a guy!
The ukulele kings and one queen appeared to play songs from the 20s, 30s and 40s…and a show was born. The new Art Director of Gallery Q, Mary Ann Schierholt, is still recovering from what happens during these Gallery Q receptions, but she’s in the groove and keeping her sense of humor as the artists complain about where their work is hung, come in and drop off work or take it off the wall when she’s not there, and dealing with the Laguna folks who come primarily to drink free wine and munch their way through the buffet treats!
The art is a fascinating mix and never fails to bring forth critical comments such as, “What is that supposed to be?” or “How the hell did he/she do that?” or “They want how much for that piece?” Most of the comments are complimentary and kind…and the artists whose egos and creative self worth are on the line, seem excited and pleased to see their work in a beautiful public space. None of us are going to end up in the Getty…but we’re happy to be at the Gallery Q.
Curious about the wishes, prayers and dreams that appeared on the paper moons? Here’s a sampling:
  • Most wishes were for peace, health and the well being of everyone…or children…or oneself! Many comments about spending more time with family, especially grandchildren.
  • Many wishes focused on “being in the present,” staying tuned to one’s creativity, creating dreams and then releasing them
  • Hope that the children of Laguna might be safe, have a home and a “full tummy.”
  • Then there were those who had specific wishes:
I need a car
I hope I score tonight
I hope I win the lottery!
Pizza pie with extra sauce
Rain, passive income, guidance to my true love, be a ballerina, beating M__in ping pong!!! (note: these were NOT all from the same person).
My advice to the moon wishers comes from an old Russian proverb: “Pray to God…then row to shore.”

  In Memory and Celebration of Kenneth Long Maloney October 1, 1945-April 30, 2020 Ken Maloney wandered into my life while sitting on the b...